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Software Development

The consultancy provides various services such as Software Development:

Base Consulting: functional analysis of the software solution to implement, advice on techniques and solutions to be adopted for the development of modules and / or software components to be integrated within ICT projects in the field of web and mobile.

The cost of this service may vary depending on the complexity of the software to be developed and stands in low-end (from 100 to 500 euro).

Web e Mobile Development: design and development of web and mobile applications, integration between legacy systems and new technologies, desing and database modeling, design user modeling techniques of artificial intelligence, programming dynamic websites, integrating WordPress, Joomla, Moodle and Drupal with SugarCRM and SalesForce CRM platforms.

The cost of the service depends on the complexity of the software to be developed and stands in the medium-high (from 500 to 5.000 euro).

Technologies used for software development are:  Visual Basic 6.0/.NET, C, Visual C#, Java, framework 2.0 for mobile application, PHP, ASP, MySQL, SQLServer, Database4Objects, UML design, ER design, Objective C, JMEE

All costs are exclusive of VAT.