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Define and share your idea, manage it as a project, spread the results and share knowledge. Become a part of the new business model for Digital Enterprises!

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From 1 January 2014 start the European program HORIZON 2020 for the funding of research and innovation. Take part to the Calls by enrolling your company in the Short List!

Why choose my services

Optimizes time

Optimizes timeReduce the time of execution of your projects by avoiding downtime through constant monitoring of the activities, their execution and the deviation from the time baseline.

Optimize Costs

Optimize CostsAvoid uncontrolled expenses and stay within your budget with monitoring costs of human and material resources by aligning the costs baseline with the financing plan.

Improve Team

Improve TeamIncrease the production capacity of the working team through team building techniques on the job and a constant coaching during the project activities.

Plan activities

Plan activitiesAvoid unpleasant surprises during the execution of a project by defining a careful planning of cost, time and scope before starting its inception.

Mitigate risks

Mitigate risksDo not let your project castaways for unforeseen risks. Process with the project team a proper strategy for identifying and responding to risks.

Turn ideas into business

Turn ideas into businessAdopt the best facilitation techniques to transform your idea into a real business opportunity involving all stakeholders.

Certified Quality

Certified QualityTechniques, methodologies and ethics that you'll adopt for the management of your project are certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Save business cost

Save business costEntrusted to an external project manager and will only pay for the project for which requires a high standard by not loading the company of a fixed annual cost.